go21 is a leadership initiative to help organizations renew the way they work.

Changing the game.

    We're agile! You can rearrange them as you wish.
    What matters most to you? Let's put it first!
  • planning → learning
  • command → servant leadership
  • tell → ask
  • cheap → smart
  • busy → impact
  • pretend → authentic
  • silos → collaboration
  • centralized → networked
  • defensive → pioneering
  • compliance → passion
  • dominance → at eye-level
  • patronizing → participative
  • mechanical → digital
  • short-sighted → sustainable
  • rigid → agile
  • bureaucratic → human centric
  • design for control → design for trust

We provide building blocks for 21st century organizations.


About us

What we see and why we care.

Organizations experience profound change today: More than ever, their future depends on their ability to adapt, to innovate, to create meaning, to respect, and to enhance human potentials — not just in the views of the younger generations.

We believe that these capabilities have begun to be major cultural necessities of the 21st century. And we believe that every organisation can start embracing and practicing these capabilities today.

What this implies today.

The world's rapidly growing complexity prompts new views of organization and leadership, deeply rooted in human nature's best capabilities to thrive in unknown challenges. These new views have started to manifest in a growing number of new human-centric work styles, such as Design Thinking and Agile production.

While most people never want to go back once they've tried one of these, one just can't expect to create a new spirit with a press on the button. So the question is how to help people try new ways and feel the difference.

Who we are and what we do.

go21 is an initiative of likeminded professionals from corporations, start-up firms, charities, and consultancies, who seek to help organizations renew the way they work: A growing network of entrepreneurs, managers, policy makers, researchers, facilitators and creatives.

We're united by a passion for human-centric work environments that help people grow — thanks to a

 • culture of collaborative innovation and learning

 • distinct sense of quality and responsibility

 • adaptive iteration rather than rigid planning

 • spirit of empathy, appreciation and trust

 • maximizing potentials and intrinsic motivation

 • authenticity towards inside and outside

On the basis of these shared values and diverse perspectives on the future of work, we facilitate an open thought exchange, solid orientation, and systemic approaches to change.

Particularly, we give organizations access to proven modern approaches that help companies successfully evolve into 21st century organizations.

We believe that, for our our work to have impact, attitude matters a lot. So we don't simply demand progress elsewhere, but we seek to help it take shape: “Be the change you want to see”.

To do so, we develop introductory level-playfield change tools and group dialogue formats that help organizations become more customer centric, agile, human and hence more capable, without needing to re-invent the wheel over and over again.


Yet, business is not everything. Education, schools and governance are in significant transition from 20th to 21st century mindsets at least as much. Many of us support the cultural transition in these fields as well, and enhance our prime focus on workplace environments with their related experiences and insights.

21st century is now, meet some of the people.

New like-minded initiatives, schools and approaches are emerging every day, and our goal is to point out their common ground and build bridges, rather than creating just another variant.

We're members of the following organizations and networks who support an exchange of such approaches and experiences. We kindly invite you to join them, join us, or suggest someone to add.

The go21 Netzwerk

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